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The Top Secret Weapon For Pet Odors

The Top Secret Weapon For Pet Odors

Many people have watched shows such as CSI and even Law & Order intently watching as crime scene investigators search an area looking for clues as to the source of an odor, and who committed the crime that they are investigating.  These same techniques though on a much smaller scale can be applied to your home and pet odors though as well.  Using a small handheld black light, you will be able to search out and destroy different odors that are lurking in your home.


While you might be tempted to rush out and purchase the biggest and most expensive black light that you can find, this is typically a very bad idea and not advised in the least.  However, a nice cheap model that fits comfortably into your hand is the best solution.  By using this small handheld black light, you can begin to search the different areas of your home until you find the area that glows underneath the light.


This will typically be a good location of the pet odors that you are searching for.  However, it is very important to realize that you are likely to find many more places that are emitting pet odors than you ever realized actually existed.  In order to have the best results possible you need to slowly and carefully start treating the odor places and ensure that you are getting the overall best results possible. 


By carefully cleaning each area that you find with the blacklight as it is found you should find that the odors are starting to slowly dissipate from your home.  In order to really achieve results it is important that you use a cleaner that will effectively neutralize the odors.  However, since you are not likely to really want to dedicate the time necessary to removing the odors as they are found, you should at a bare minimum dedicate a small second or two of your time to looking for a way in which you can effectively mark the odors so that they are not forgotten.


As you are marking the odors, you might also want to take a moment and write down their approximate position so that you can be certain that you get the correct results.  This in addition to carrying a bottle of a pretreater will allow you to ensure that when you do have time to come back to the spot that you remember exactly where it is, plus you will find it much easier to actually clean the area since you will not be stressing out over trying to ensure that you get every bit of the odor.


Of course, there are plenty of other useful tools for cleaning pet odors, but using those tools that are available to you to make the job easier will allow you to be certain that you are not putting off the task and allowing the problem to get worse.  Careful review of your home will be very helpful, but even knowing that there are pet odors and having no clue how to actually find them without the presence of a stain will find you literally running in circles.  An expensive black light can allow you to not only save a substantial amount of time, but also ensure that you are getting the entire area that has a pet odor.

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